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A mirror, a ghost EP

by Fireworks Night

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You, holding 05:14
Did we walk to the woods? Did I hold you a hand at a time? Did I offer a body like mine? A boy for a woman’s side Did the trees bend to know Our half-remembered songs? Or just the wind help them clatter along The rest our imagining? Our coincidence seems too ripe to be accident But did we just look for schemes amongst the din? But for that speck of time I felt a purpose clearly Brushed your neck Remembered your body As a smooth pebble thrown back to a calm sea As a thing I had held but never known entirely And the sea seemed to mutter ‘You will never possess her’ But I’ll try to be true to you – my lady Truer than a tide we know must turn And though I may not last so long Though I may not last so long Never swallow the moon Never cradle the sky Still, there is a joy I can hardly bear To be the one pulling leaves from the mess of you hair But it comes and goes so secretly How will I know it will come back to me? And how do I wait so long? How do I wait so long? How do I wait? Until you say ‘Stop, stop your rambling There are pleasures still to be had Our happiness may be fleeting But we are not memories yet Let others fret And ponder why It can not be held Like that storm, like that sky We’ll be as blind to how it goes As we were blind when it arrived
The carnival is over, all the fireworks have gone off and I traced the light back to the shiver in your bones Cos that is all I can do, all the punchlines are worn out Well shall we sit in total silence, or shall we go? And leave this poor impression of a friendship? And pull down all the flags we raised, declaring our tryst? At least I hope that's true Cos if it's love then it's a sham, well it's an awful record that someone's telling you you should own, and you don't want that, no... The carnival is over all the money has been lost And the moon deceives the few who've drunk their age And I am one among them, just a-chasing after change who says "If you believe in love, believe in hate" 'Cos it is just a game of chance, not a game of skill And there is nothing in your bones but the night's chill And I never loved you, la da da da, da-da...
The fire 04:54
By the time we saw the fire It had done all that it could do And it cared little how you felt for me Or I for you It took tights pair by pair It took dresses you were waiting to wear It took you blindly, an unquiet lady, It left a ruin For a time in your life you followed where secrets led And you left me asleep in the bed Gulped the cold air Let it conjure the sight of him there Waiting for you – just you And stretching his tired arms As the fire went crackling on As the fire went crackling on And you’d slip back warm and rosy And we’d pretend I’d never woken Until I saw you stood stone still In the street below our sill Your arms shocked white by the light of the moon And barely a thing covered you But the fog of your breath I took a new dress from the floor And waited as I had before But you returned still marble cold And damp to our door It was done And taking my tired arm The fire went quietly out The fire went quietly out
Will you stay with him, in spite of the bores that he has you meet each day and smile at for hours, when I could fill your glass, or you could fill mine? We'd go down to the lake, and have such a fine, fine time. I think you know I'm there, When you hear a voice on the air Say 'You are my favourite thing'
We’ve been friends since we had our first teeth Since the rivers ran low and let the shadows of the leaves Dance up to our eyes And I remember your eyes They were beautiful And I remember your eyes They were beautiful And I long for them now As you lie unconscious in this dull, white room Head held three pillows high A tube in your mouth like a fish on a line A tube in your mouth like a fish on a line And those moments move round and round and round just behind my eyes And words are stirred up, up, up, up, up… From the pit of my heart To collapse in my throat And I jump at a sound Just a twitch of a toe And there’s stuck in my mind A quiet prayer for us both But how do I ask for help From a mirror, from a ghost That I have never felt That I have never seen The night had passed better than most We’d grinned and grinned Been tender as a pair of pups No talk of trouble No thoughts of ghosts Of blood and headlights, teeth scattered on a rainy road Until I looked too long in the mirror On you asleep in the back of the car Until I heard a sound I’d never heard before Bone on glass and glass tearing skin I saw you buckled like a newborn calf wrapped in A metal wreck Gnarled and glistening Then how the silence, it seemed to thunder in And here we are… And here we are… Please open your eyes Oh open those eyes… Show me a miracle yet Show me a sign That the things you believed in Said gave life a meaning Resurrection, redemption Oh show me That they are not lies Oh I’ll be wrong if you can be right I’ll be wrong… Because it is a crime that I can not atone for Without a flicker, a flutter, a tremor of your eyes Oh your eyes were beautiful Oh your eyes are beautiful
Echo's swing 06:26
Boats move around, tiny to us, sat in our wooden chairs The silence is fine with me I feel fine, just fine with you And moths fly around, looking for love, but only finding flames In the same way I'm drawn to you I could burn, would burn for you And in my eyes is a girl from the north country She has sun in her eyes and, lord, well it sets for me And she says tonight, do I want to dance? Do I want to dance slow? Oh, tonight, do I want to dance, do I want to dance slow? Do I want to dance slow? She takes me out to a party, where the room is half-lit And I'm dancing with ghosts of people I love And I leave a full room to the sound of a showtune Someone light up the fire so I find my way home Take me out to a party where the room is half-lit And I'm dancing with ghosts of people I love And I leave a full room to the sound of a showtune Someone light up the fire so I find my way home


released November 10, 2008


all rights reserved



Fireworks Night London, UK

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